The Bluebird 

Copyright - Andy G. Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman 

Intro –  F    C        G     F     C 

F                                  C 

I woke up to a bluebird singing 

F                                              C 

The sun came up and I heard the call 

F                                           Am 

Come on, get up, and let’s get going. 

 G                     F                       C 

Lets load up that two-tone Travel All 


Oh Honey, get your sunburst Gibson 

And we’ll bring daddy’s old F-9 

Baby we don’t need a reason 

I can see that Nashville skyline in my mind 

G             Am 

Call up at 2 

F                     C 

You wont get through 

G              Am 

Ring up again 

F                  C 

And maybe then 

G                   Am 

Get there at 5 

F                     C 

For the cattle call 


If you get in 


Give it your all 

We lined up outside The Bluebird 

Full parking lot was no surprise 

With a little luck they’ll pick our number 

With a little luck we’ll be playing right inside 


The curtain call 

Spotlight comes on 

Big dreams, big heart 

Playing our song 


Instrumental - like verse 




Last Verse 

F                                        C 

Lets load the truck and get a going 

F                                         C 

We’ll suck it up and move along 

F                                        Am 

Yes we’ll be back someday I know it 

                G               F             C 

While The Bluebird songs carries on 

F                                            C 

Yes we’ll be back someday I know it 

                G               F              C 

While The Bluebird songs carries on 

                 G              F               C 

While The Bluebird songs carries on 

               G              F                 C 

Yeah the Bluebird song will carry on