Seasons Change 

Copyright - Andy G. Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman 

Intro – G  G  G  G 

Tides will rise 

Pages turn 

Time will change 

Fires burn 


Raise your head 

Dry your eyes 

Go to bed 

Sun will rise 


Say goodbye 

Take your turn 

Kiss the sky 

Live and learn 


Hold it up 

Seize the day 

Drive a truck 

Break away 


                 C       D 

Seasons change 


Let it go 


Make it right 

D                G 

Smell the joe 


C        D 

Plant a seed 

                           Em7    A 

Get on track 


Hold my hand 

             D         G 

Don’t look back 


Make my day 

Tell it straight 

Read my lips 

Take a break 


Buckle up 

Flash of light 

Save the day 

Do it right 


Let it be 


Come to me 

I don’t know 


Run away 

Time will tell 

Smell a rose 

Ring the bell 




Make it true 

Take control 

Pump it up 

Rock and roll 


Turn a cheek 

Feel the burn 

Watch your back 

Can’t return 


Keep it real 

Let’s get high 

Take a trip 

Live and die 


Keep it cool 

Don’t give up 

Laugh out loud 

Lots a luck 


Instrumental - with Chorus chords

Dust to dust 

Sky above 

What a jerk 

Let’s make love 


Tell the truth 

Wrong or right 

Make it rain 

Fight the fight 


Change is good 

Be here now 

Let it last 

Take a bow 


Work it out 

Make a stand 

Up all night 

Pay the man




Can’t stop now 

Freedom land 

Drink a beer 

Make a plan 


Speak the truth 

What’s it worth? 

Keep the faith 

Peace on earth 


Oh my my 

Fingers hurt 

Hair turned gray 

Flannel shirt 


Life is good 

Ain’t she sweet 

Sum it up 

Time to eat 



            C                D                G 

Hold my hand, Don’t look back 

            C                D             Em7 

Hold my hand, Don’t look back 

            C                D                G 

Hold my hand, Don’t look back