Blues Boy

Copyright - Andy G Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman 


Intro – G     F#7    Bm    Bm   

Bm                                  Em 

He was born in Bena Mississippi 

Bm                                               Em                     

A poor delta sharecropper’s son 

Bm                               Em 

Spent all day just choppin’ cotton 

 G                                  F#7               

Loadin’ trucks till night time comes 

He made his way since he was seven 

Wet cotton fields in old gum-shoes 

At Sunday church he’d sing the gospel  

Back on the farm he sang the blues 

He turned 12 on that old plantation 

His pastor thought him his first three chords 

He learned to play like Old Blind Willie 

And everyday he thanked the lord 

At 17 he moved to Memphis 

With his $15-dollar Sears Silvertone 

And on the street, he played relentless 

He worked his fingers to the bone 


Em                            Bm 

They called him blues boy 

             Em                                   Bm 

Couse he could really play and sing 

Em                              Bm 

Every day he lived the blues 

F#7…..                             Bm 

                              Little Reilly King 

1st Instrumental – like verse 

Bm                                    Em 

              Bm                                    Em 

Bm                                Em 

G                                    F#7   

Late one night he played an old dive bar 

Two jealous guys got in a fight 

Was all about a girl, her name was Lucile 

And they knocked over an old gaslight 

A fire broke out just as he got cookin’ 

And they all ran out of that juke joint bar 

But he ran right back into that burning building 

To save that old plywood guitar 


       2nd Instrumental - Like chorus 

Em                                    Bm 

              Em                                    Bm 

Em                                Bm 

G                                    F#7         


From way back then, till the day he died 

He held on to Lucile real tight 

He could really make that old girl sing 

He played all night with all his might 

Yeh they used to call him blues boy 

             Couse he could surely play and sing 

Everyday he lived the blues 

That’s right ….       Mr BB King 

End  - G     F#7    Bm      Bm