From the recording The Lucky One


by Andy G. Twawnger

Looking back
Decades pass
Dreams that last
Buried cash (trash)

Rat race winner
Sometimes sinner\
Country critter
Always with her

We sailed the Archipelago
We climbed the dunes of southern France
We drank tequila down in Mexico
Hot Venice nights and sweet romance

Noble tasks
Dark contrast
Heart beats fast
Home at last

Out all night
Feels so right
Sheer delight

We ate sushi in Tokyo
And hopped the Orient Express
We saw the frescos in the Vatican
And scored some hash in Marrakesh


With a suitcase filled with memories
Those pictures yellow and fade
1000 dreams …we shared together
1000 dreams that we made

On the road
Break the code
Money owed

Don’t think twice
Roll the dice
Pay the price

We shopped the high streets of London
And slept in castles in North Wales
We walked the rooftops of Dubrovnik
Aegean winds that turned to gales


Laughed at danger
Took in strangers
High adventures
Next day lectures

Morning’s after’s
Near disasters
Midnight strollers
Holy rollers

We trekked the beaches of Kauai
And steamed across the Kowloon bay
We touched the sands of the Sahara
And spent the night in old Marseille
And spent the night in San Trope

And she was with me all the way