Another Fallen Hero 

Copyright A.G.Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman Jan 9th, 2022

Intro –   Em    G         D         A

             Em    G         D         D



He was a fair young country boy 


from a small nor’eastern town 


He gave his all, a passion call 

He didn’t let em down



With marching orders clear 


A heart with strong resolve


A soul scarred deep within its core 

     D                            A

A distant door that just revolves

    Em             G             D                  

Another fallen hero who gave it all


along the way 

            Em                   G                                              

and lost himself, when duty called 

D                                  A

his head was still so far away


Em                        G                              

Another fading shadow when 

D                                 A

darkness came he disappeared

 Em                           G                                  

Now he’s gone and been laid down in

D                                        A

hallowed ground that’s so revered




He proved his worth and value there                   

When he came back, was ill-prepared

Lost all he had, no purpose now

But keep the fight up any how


His family and his closest friends

They couldn’t see, they just pretend

So in the end, they never knew

The hurt and strain that he went through



Em      G         D

Em      G          D       A

Em      G           D

Em      G           D       A

He bids his girl a fond farewell

His battle cry, a living hell 

He knew that he could never win 

His demons got the best of him

He dreams of men in shallow graves 

Self-medicates to ease the pain

The opioids and alcohol

Sometimes that’s how solders fall


Outro -  Em     G         D         D

             Em    G         D         D