From the recording The Lucky One


by Andy G. Twanger

Come on honey lift your feet up
Feel the beat and kick off those flip-flops
Come on, come on, come on, take a chance
Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, wanna dance

Pick it up and now let’s get movin’
You can hear that soulful music groovin’
Take my hand and I’ll pull you closer
Honey, I just won’t take “no sir”

Mr DJ, won’t ya spin that vinyl
The Mystic Twangers just went viral
The band will play our new favorite song
And we can swing it, swing it, all night long

Baby I’m just feeling lucky
Shake it up now, let’s get funky
I’m so happy we’re together
Hoping it will last forever

Baby when they turn the lights down low
Don’t be shy…just let it go
Tonight I’ll be your number one
While we’re still young, let’s have some fun

While we’re still young, let’s have some fun