Them Twangers are a group of musicians who love to play music and have fun. The crew is head up by Andy G. Twanger, songwriter and chief bottle washer. Is Andy G. Twanger his real name...well maybe (or not) but it sure sounds good. Mr. Twanger's love of music started at his first concert when he saw the Beatles live at New York's Shea Stadium. Was it the music or was it the girls going crazy no one really knows for sure, but from that day forward all hell broke loose when A.G.Twanger traded his 10 speed bike to buy his first electric bass guitar. That black custom shop Fender Jazz Bass is still in use today.  Although AGT couldn't play a note when he first startd out, he somehow knew it was his calling. Now after years of playing music and writing songs we fast forward to today, with the A.G.T. and the Mystic Twangers.