Haybo Traveler             

Copyright A.G.Twanger AKA  Andy Glanzman 4.22.13 


C7          G7

C7         G7

C7         G      E7

A7         C7

G7, G7, G7, G7



That steel wheeled black snake, keeps a calling me 

C7                                        G7

I hear her white steam whistle sound

C7                                 G7

Please Mr. Brakeman, crank up those shoes

A7                            D7

Its time to leave this Shantytown

That side door boxcar keeps a rolling on

Tonight she’ll be my happy home

Kind hearted watchman, Please let me go

This vagabond he’s got to roam

         C7                               G7

         Jumped on that train in Reno

          C7                               G7

         And rode er down to Santa fee

         C7                    G           E7

         This roving boy can’t get enough

         A7                                 D7

         Of that great iron road highway      


That shanty queen she played a blind panhandler

Became my sister on the road

On those cold nights… she turned to gambler

A queen of hearts is what she showed 


         We rode the rails to Haybo

         Ate stacks of bones and angel food

         We got our kicks on Gandy Gumbo

         And that corn likka that she brewed



C7             G7

C7            G7

C7             G      E7

A7            C7

G7, G7, G7, G7


B7                                   C

We left the switchyard in Sandusky 

G                                         D

That signal light, and whistle blew 

Em                       C

We rode em high, We rode together 


On that dead head home to Kalamazoo


That old freightliner she’s a cannon ball

5 miles away still hear her song

That freedom flyer, please ring your bell

You are the home where I belong


           Flew with the birds to Shreveport

           That’s where my sister said good-bye

           That fine streamliner, went like the wind

           I never asked her reason why


           This iron coal train keeps a rolling 

           Can’t stop that sprit flying high

           This roving boy can’t get enough 

           Of that haybo jungle in the sky



            C7                   G           E7

           This roving boy can’t get enough 

                      A7             D7                G

           Of that that haybo jungle.. by and by



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