Do you know how it feels

Copyright A.G.Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman 11.6.22 

Intro   –   Dm-G-C-(b) Am-F-G

C                             (b)        Am

Do you know how it feels to love somebody 

F              (e)        Dm      G

as much as I love you 

C                            (b)          Am

Do you know how it feels to want someone 

F                 (e)        Dm        G

they way that I want you 


F                             C

I can’t button up my feelings

       F              Fm                    C

And leave the past we shared behind 

Am            F                      C

I just can’t pack up all the reasons

F               G               C            G

And give it up and just resign



Do you know what it’s like to need somebody the way that I need you. 

Do you know how it hurts to miss someone as much as I miss you

            I wish I knew what you were thinkin’ 

            I can’t read between the lines

            I’m so afraid you might be leavin’

            Your empty kiss shows all the signs



Is it too late for us 


Or is it too soon to know 

      C                        (b)        Am     (g)

If there’s a chance for us to reconcile


I just can’t live like this


I need some tenderness 

F                       G             C

But I know your heart is in denial 


 Instrumental.   –   Dm-G-C-(b)-Am-(g)-F-G

Do you know how it feels to care for someone the way I care for you

Do you know how it feels to lose somebody

the way that I lost you

We can’t rewrite our past together

With the last two years in disarray

I can’t pretend that it’s not over

My only hope is you might stay

We can’t go on like this forever

It’s time for us to let it lay

Someday I hope you might discover

What it feels to love someone this way

Dm                           G            F         C

Just like the love I feel for you today