Copyright - Andy G. Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman 


      Capo at 7TH - Key of D___ 

Intro  –  Em        D          C 

G                           C         G 

Come to me my falling star 

C           G          D 

I’ll wait here a thousand years 

G                          C        G 

And when I look up in the night 

          Em             D               C 

Your stream of light just disappears 


G                               C         G 

Play me now your secret song 

             C         G               D 

Please come along and keep me near 

      G                             C              G 

I’ll rest my head and close my eyes 

                    Em         D                  C 

While you sing me your sweet lullaby 

                    C            D                  Em      

While you sing me your sweet lullaby 


G                         C                G 

I walk alone beneath the sky 

         C            G       D 

And wonder why I’m still here 

G                                C            G 

Time will pass we’ll say goodbye 

          Em        D          C 

And wash away the seas of tears 


Instrumental: - Like 2nd verse 

G                                 C            G 

Watch me now the rain will come 

      C          G              D 

I’ll be the one to make it clear 

G                                       C       G 

Someday you’ll find I’ll drift away 

        Em           D            C 

But along the way I’ll reappear 

         C              D            Em               

But along the way I’ll reappear 

         C              D            Em 

But along the way I’ll reappear