Single 0-18 

Copyright - Andy G. Twanger AKA Andy Glanzman

Intro – E   E   E   E 


Growed up in the valley 


5 miles  from Forest Green 


In a little shack , it was all we know’d 


And all we’d ever seen 

Momma’s in the cellar 

Drinking moonshine from the still 

Daddy’s on the pouch swing 

Chicken on the grill 

E     E    

The wood smoke from the hickory 

Nell just turning seventeen 

Grand-pappy played his guitar 

It was a sweet 6-string machine 

When spring come to the valley 

Old grand pappy said to me 

Son, get yourself a movin’ 

And take that Single 0-18 


            I took that little 6 string 


            Not no’in what would be 


            I wrote some song and played for tips 


            In honkytonks mostly (for free) 


            From Reno to Biloxi 


            From Dayton to St Paul 


            From Morgan Town to SpringField 

                B                                      E 

            I must have played them all 

E    E    

Late nights and early mornings 

To one-horse towns I’d go 

Cheap whiskey and fast women 

Seemed like all I’d ever know 

I spent my bottoms dollar 

Lived on burgers and caffeine 

Didn’t have much to speak of 

But I had that single 0-18 

2nd Chorus    



She make me laugh she makes me cry 

She makes me think of reason why 

She’s there for me night and day 

                                      Bb     B 

She make me want to fly away 

She comforts me when I’m alone 

She makes me feel Iike I’m at home 

She’s my one, my everything. 

                                           Bb       B 

She the one make my heart ….  sing 

        E       E     


Instrumental – verse 

After 20 year of roamin 

            With my sweet six string machine 

            Thinkin back on all I’d done 

            Since Nel turned seventeen 

Chorus chords 

            Now I’m going back to the valley 

            5 miles from Forest Green 

            Gona sit right on that  porch swing 

            With my single 0-18 

             `Gona sit right on that porch swing 

            With my single 0-18 

              Gona sit right on that porch swing 

                                 B                Bb      A                        E 

            With my single 0                        single 0 -18