1. Mother

From the recording Mystic Twangers


Copyright Andy G. Twanger

Written on Mothers Day 2011

Mother – please comfort me
Your endless love and gentle touch - you give so easily
Oh Mother dear I must say, I love you faithfully
Please take me in your arms again – It’s where I want to be

When I was young you said that I was smarter then the rest
You brought me up to follow rules and do my very best
But I had to learn the hard way, now I’m filled with much regret
The life that I had chosen then, I never will forget

The judge said son you just can’t run from all the things you did
The jury’s found you guilty although you’re just a kid.
And now its time to pay your fine…for what I must decree
The jailers come to lock you up and throw away the key

As I lay inside this cell so dark and dreary through the years
I think of all the times that I had driven you to tears
Of all the people that I hurt and lives that I have taken
The one that meant the most to me, I never have forsaken

A mother love it never ends, its given free and selfless
A mothers love is all I need when feeling worn and helpless

Thinking back to all those times and crimes that I committed
Apologies can’t help me now for all that I admitted
After all the talk, I’ll walk the walk – last meal and cigarette
The day has come to reconcile and pay this awful debt.

Tomorrow dear I’ll long be gone, my spirit soon be free
Sad memories of 30 years will hang by that oak tree
God save my soul and let it rest near mother dear forever
My one last wish is one last kiss before they pull the lever